Every spin of the roulette wheel has an independent outcome and is uninfluenced by previous spins. Even if you get ten black numbers in ten spins, your chances of getting red are the same as getting black.

Roulette is a game of chance. You need to be able to determine the odds of winning and then place the best bets. American and European Roulette Roulette’s odds of winning are easy to calculate.

Whether you’re playing the European version (single-zero) or the American version with an extra slot in the double zero slots, the wheel can be divided into 37 or 38 slots.

The house edge is represented by the zero space(s). The house advantage in single zero Roulette stands at 2.7%, while 5.26% for double zero.

How to Calculate Roulette Odds

  • European Single Zero Game American Double Zero Game
  • (35-36)/37×100 = -2.7% (35-37)/38×100 = -2.20% (35-37)/38×100 = -5.2% (35-37)/38×100 = -5.2%

Beware of these Bets

Avoid single-number bets and five-number bets. These bets are only available on double-zero wheels and have the greatest disparity in odds and actual payouts.

Place your bets

Roulette is a game that you should play. Stick with bets that have odds that are close to their payouts. These “even money” wagers include betting on even, odd, low (numbers 1 through 18,), high (numbers 19 to 36), red, or black. These wagers pay at 1 to 1.

Roulette Odds: The Best Bet on the Table

You should look for a European single zero wheel that provides the rule “en prison.” If the ball lands on zero in an even-money wager, the croupier does not rake in your bet. Your bet will instead be ‘imprisoned’, or taken hostage. You are then forced to keep it on your table until the next spin. You can take your winning bet off the table if it wins.

This bet reduces the house edge for even money bets by half to just 1.3%

Valkyrie Queen Online Slots

Valkyrie Queen is a High five slot machine with five reels and 243 winning ways. In this high-definition video slot, you can win huge prizes by interacting with the Valkyrie Queen on the battlefield. You will find wilds, scatters, and free spins in this game. This game works with Mac computers/laptops, iPads (2 and better), and iPhones.

The Viking Battles of Queen Valkyrie

This online slot game was inspired by Norse mythology and is based around the fictional Valkyrie Queen. You can win up to 50 free spins with Valkyrie Queen. The tumbling reels also give you many chances to make many winning combinations every spin. The characters that appear on the reels are also loyal to the Valkyrie Queen theme. You won’t miss the Valkyrie queen logos, Valkyrie queen herself, Valkyrie queen’s Hammer, and Ships. Also, the typical poker card values of Ace, King, and five are noticed.

This game offers 243 chances to win, which is quite different than most other games. There are many ways to win, but it only means one thing: the ability to create winning combinations every time you spin. The interface is straightforward and intuitive, which makes it an excellent choice for slot players who want a smooth experience without all the complicated settings of other video slots. Red, blue, and gold are the colors that set the scene for danger and power. These are Queen Valkyrie’s main characteristics.

Standard Features Plus Tumbling Reels

The wild symbol is the Valkyrie Queen Logo. It replaces all symbols except the Valkyrie Queen Hawk. This is the scatter symbol in the slot machine and grants you access to the Free Spins bonus. Only reels 2, 3, and 4 will have the wild symbol.

The tumbling reels feature is activated for all winning combinations. The winning combination will win, and the winning symbol will disappear. The winning combinations are paid out each time the reels fall. You will receive free spins if you activate the Free Spins bonus feature during the tumbling part. You will then be returned to the tumbling reels after the bonus round. The tumbling reels feature will end when you have exhausted all winning combinations.

Get Free Spins

Only one bonus round is available in this game. It’s the Free Spins bonus feature. This bonus can be triggered by landing 3 Valkyrie Queen Hawks anywhere on the reels. An initial ten free slot games will be given to you. You can also retrigger five free spins each time you get three or more Valkyrie Queen Hawks on the reels. Only reels 2 and 3 have the Valkyrie Queen Hawk—the triggering spin triggers free rounds. Free rounds can be played similarly and with the same bet multiplier. The bonus round ends after you have played 60 free spins.