A saying goes something like this: “You don’t want to win at the casino; buy it!”It isn’t always that easy. Offline and online casinos can go bankrupt and come close. But we will be discussing other things. I won’t supply you with any tips on how to open your casino. But that’s something I might write about later. I want to talk about how you can co-own significant gambling companies. As you probably know, we will be discussing the companies that are joint-stock societies and whose stocks are traded on the stock exchange. A large number of casinos, including poker rooms, are listed on the stock exchange. This allows interested parties to purchase their shares.

The first companies to be listed historically are the well-known ones that own the offline casino sites (American Wynn, Las Vegas Sands, and other firms), European gambling monopolies that specialize in lotteries (Tipp24 – Germany, OPAP – Greece, SNAI – Italy), central European bookmakers (William Hill and Rank group, etc.IGT), well-known suppliers of equipment. Even in a recession, the cost of significant industry players can reach several billion dollars. These companies either look at the online market (American casinos) or actively participate in it (European betting-makers).

Let’s now discuss the shares of these companies. We are all familiar with them from the online casinos.

Let’s begin with the software vendors. Microgaming, RTG, and Cryptologic are the top software suppliers. However, you cannot become their co-owners. Playtech shares are pretty expensive – they can cost up to 500 Pounds per share. What’s more, they have been able to weather the current recession well. The shares were initially issued in 2006 for 300 pounds. After being bounced by the Americans, they fell to 170. But, right now, they are on the rise. The company’s total cost today is more than a billion pounds. The price isn’t encouraging because Cryptologic has had problems with clients. The shares have fallen more than ten times since 2000, from $30+ up to $2.Now, the company’s cost is only $40 million.

There are several second echelon businesses on the market, including Chartwell, Parlay (specializes online in soft bingo), Probability (software provider for mobile casinos and poker), Entraction (poker network).

The Net Entertainment company’s cost (Stockholm, NET-B) was more than two billion. I felt a scarce dizzy at first, but then I realized they were Swedish Kronas. In Euros, it would have been ten times lower. The company was introduced to the market in 2009 and had been steadily increasing in price ever since. Shares are relatively inexpensive at 6-7 per share.

Some companies are masters of all trades. These include own soft, casino, and poker as well as bets. The market currently has two of the most prominent companies of this type.PartyGaming (LSE: PRTY), PartyPoker, and several other casinos entered the market in June 2005. Later, betting, bingo, and financial trading were added. They started at PS1,350 and climbed to PS1,730. This resulted in a company cost of more than $10 bln. After bouncing the Americans, 2006 saw the cost drop many times. The share price is just PS230, and the total company cost is about PS1 billion (or $1.5 billion). The most popular online casino, with its own soft and poker-room and other games of chance, is Casino on Net. 888 Plc is the exact name. The company was only corporatized a few months later. The shares increased in price from PS170 and PS230. 2006 was also affected, although not as much as Party. Strangely, however, the company suffered a significant drop-down in spring 2010. Now, shares cost PS44. This gives it a capitalization of just PS150 mln.

There aren’t many companies that specialize in online casinos that are listed on the stock market. They are two. Both entered the stock market in 2005, which was when online companies were most popularly added to the stock exchange. Both were affected by the American bounce (although they had previously been specializing in European markets), as well as the similar cost of their shares. Gaming VC company (LSE: VGC), also known as Casino Club, was the first to corporatize an online casino. It is also a leader in the German-speaking market and among roulette enthusiasts. As with many other shares, they grew from PS450 to PS870 after the issue. However, the famous 2006 ban on gambling in America and Casino Club’s subsequent decline saw them drop to PS100. The shares steadily grew, reaching PS200. However, the price has fallen to PS110 in the last month. The company’s capitalization is now at PS35 mln.

Our second hero is the 32 Red company (LSE : TTR). The couple also own an 32Red online casino. In 2006, the shares fell to PS130. They have since acquired numerous casinos and offered stakes. After an increase, there was a new drop down. The shares now cost about PS15 and the company’s total is around PS10 million.

Let’s look at some of the most popular players. These are mostly European offline bookmakers, which offer online and offline casino, poker, bingo, lotteries, as well as other services. This subgroup includes: William Hill (LSE : WMH), Ladbrokes and Ladbrokes. All of them cost approximately 1.2 billion.

The first pair is in pounds, and the second in Euros. (Now, the pound weighs in at 20-30 percent more than the Euro).These companies include Unibet and Bettson as well as SportingBet and Bettson.They are valued at hundreds of millions. These companies are valued at several tens to a few hundred pounds or euros. Although the price of these shares has fluctuated significantly over the years, 2006 didn’t significantly impact the share price. They initially focused on Europe, and the offline portion of the business is the predominant cost. Paddy Power, Bettson, and others have shown promising results despite the crisis.

Lucky Slots

Victorious is one of the few online slots themed after the Roman Empire. It features all the sounds and images of this mighty army. This online slot offers players 243 betting options, which create multiple chances to win big when combined with the Golden Eagle Wild symbol and the Golden Wreath Scatter symbols.

Victorious is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It is also available for iOS and Android mobile devices through Net Entertainment’s unique Touch platform.


The background is adorned with Roman soldiers marching. Victorious stands in front of it. A helmeted soldier holds a pole with the number “243” and a Golden Eagle. Victorious’ background music features a marching band and occasional metal sound from a gong. The game’s lower-value symbols are represented by the standard playing card values 9, 10, Q, K, and A. They are depicted as figures in golden Roman style on marble slabs.

There are four symbols with higher values. They are all depictions of Roman men. The emperor against a pink background is the highest-value character, followed by a centurion wearing golden armor. The next feature is a silver-colored charging warrior; the last is an army of Roman soldiers marching in your direction.


Victorious, although visually complex, is quite simple in terms of unique features. It appears as a gold eagle against a background of red and spins once activated. An essential Wild, which can replace any symbol on the reels, will be added to the Scatter symbol.


A Victorious yell will sound when you land three or more Golden Wreath symbols. Then, enter Free Spins mode. Your wins during Free Spins will be multiplied by three, and the screen transforms into a scene of a Roman gladiator fighting scene. You can win extra spins while playing this mode. However, these are not subject to the x3 multiplier. How many Golden Wreath symbols are visible at once will determine how many Free Spins you get. Three symbols will award you 15 free spins; four results will result in 20. Five symbols can give you 25 wager-free spins.

There are limits

Victorious offers you an incredible 243 ways to bet. This is combined with ten levels of bet and coin values.01 up.50. You have a wide variety of betting options. The minimum bet is.25, maximum is 125.007,500 coins, is the largest coin jackpot.


Victorious is a very easy-to-play game. It has quiet reels and clean graphics. You can control the sounds using a sliding volume button. To make it even easier, you can set Autoplay to allow the reels to move on one betting level multiple times per row, up to 1000 times. You can quickly stop Autoplay when you award Free Spins or when the game reaches certain monetary limits.


Net Entertainment’s Touch mobile platform, which Net Entertainment trademarks, was launched in 2011. It allows you to play video casino games on smaller devices like your iPhone or iPad. Victorious is one of the games that can be accessed on this new platform. It can be accessed via Android- or iOS-based devices. Using Mac, Windows, Linux-powered laptops, and desktop computers, you can also conquer Rome from home.


Net Entertainment is a world-renowned company that has created and distributed some of the most innovative and entertaining video slot games.Net Entertainment began as an extension to a Swedish offline casino operator. The company has several European locations, including Ukraine, Malta, Gibraltar, and Sweden.NetENT is a top-class B2B supplier of digital casino games and gaming systems. It owes its success to loyal customers who are proud of its dedication to maintaining high standards.Net Entertainment is a trusted online casino provider that offers a superior gaming experience for gamers of all levels.

Riding the Roulette of Returns: Venturing into Casino Stocks

Ever thought of betting on the house? Well, investing in casino stocks is akin to placing a wager, except with strategic flair. Instead of just leaving it to chance, you’re backing the casino’s future gains, standing shoulder to shoulder with the house.

Casino Stocks: Why the Hype?

Casinos, be it the grandeur of Las Vegas or the neon glow of Macau, have a knack for enduring economic storms. There’s an adage that the house always wins, and that seems to be the anthem of their business world. While the stock market dances its unpredictable waltz, casino stocks can sometimes feel like a reassuring waltz.

Digital Dice: The Rise of Online Gambling

The advent of online casinos has heralded a seismic shift in the betting domain. Traditional casinos, with their sprawling campuses and shimmering chandeliers, are undeniably charming but come with a hefty price tag. Think vast real estate, utilities, and an army of staff. Their digital counterparts? They operate lean, meaning juicier profit slices for shareholders.

Don’t Put All Your Chips on One Number

Casino enterprises are more than just the rattle of dice and the spin of a roulette wheel. Many have diversified their portfolios, boasting resorts, culinary delights, shopping hubs, and more. This kaleidoscope of ventures acts as a safety net for investors, cushioning them from any single sector’s unpredictable spirals.

Setting Sights on the New Frontiers

Asia is emerging as the new El Dorado for both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. For casino firms anchoring in these waters, the future looks promising. Furthermore, as the global reins on online gambling slacken, a world of expansion awaits.

The Flip Side of the Coin

But, as with every bright neon sign, there’s a shadow. Regulatory mood swings can upset the casino apple cart. Recessions can slash what people spare for the razzle-dazzle of gambling. And, although rare, sometimes a whale (high-roller) lands a lucky run, creating ripples in the profit pool.

The Final Deal

Diving into the casino stock pool blends the age-old allure of gambling with the contemporary zest of the online realm. It’s not devoid of risks, but the returns, if played right, can be a jackpot. Just like at any poker table, it pays to study the game, seek counsel from the seasoned, and brace for the inevitable ebbs and flows. In stocks, much like in casinos, there’s no guaranteed royal flush, but the chase? It’s intoxicating.